Friday, May 6, 2011

Spinning in Circles

My Chemical Romance was on, and I was in the zone. The manicotti was coming together and "Sing" sounded pretty good. Zig-zagging through my kids to get to the stove just about broke my good vibe until I looked at what they were doing. They were laughing and spinning.

As my sons get older it gets harder to hug and snuggle them. It was a fact of life I knew I would be faced with one day. When they were smaller, I would pick them up forgetting the noodles or oil heating on the stove to spin together. Together in one orbit we would giggle until somebody's tummy jumped. As they got bigger, it didn't last as long until there was no more spinning together. Now, on happy carefree days, they are spinning in their own orbits and laughing together. So, I join in.

Wishing all the moms a Mother's Day dizzy in love and hugs.

Thank you to my sons Alex and A.J. for filling my life with so much love. These songs are for you.

Little James by Oasis for my little Austin James

Hanging by the Moment by Lifehouse for Alex (This was the song I listened while I was pregnant with you, and so fearful I would lose you like the others.)


rmlharris said...

Well, Dawn, I didn't know the songs, but they were a good listen. The topic of spinning together, then spinning in our own little orbit and letting the children spin in theirs makes me think of how we have to let go. A little bit more every day. Let go & let God.

Patricia said...

That is so sweet!
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Are You A Mom said...

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Have a great weekend!

shopannies said...

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Sarah said...

So sweet - what a well-written post! And, some beautiful songs! So happy you had a great Mother's day!

Keenly Kristin said...

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Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin