Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun with Katy Perry

Warning: The following post was inspired by Katy Perry's song "Peacock" and she isn't talking about the bird. If you don't like reading about sexy topics, check out one of my past posts.

Home alone. Vacuuming. Another great time to sing, however I refuse to be called the vacuum singer. This is usually the time I switch over to my ipod and let all the explicit lyrics and sexually charged songs play out. It keeps me moving and smiling.

Katy Perry's "Peacock" came on and as usual I was giggling by the fourth beat. Honestly, I laugh so hard when I hear this song it has taken me several times to listen to the entire song without being so distracted by my own laughter. Yes, I know it is childish. Now that I have heard it out, I am inspired by her boldness.

As I collect myself, I think about the power the song demonstrates on traditional gender roles in music. There are so many sexually charged songs where men are taunting, objectifying or harassing woman. I can't think of many songs where the roles are reversed. Female artists singing about sex and their sexuality is nothing new, and is a staple with artists like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. I feel Katy is challenging men and pushing their boundaries. Her lyrics are the equivalent of mardi gras beads. The cheerleader like chanting injects fun, while the lyrics state the request pretty clearly.

The only appropriate man I can ask about this song is my husband. So, does he feel she is being vulgar and demeaning to a man by offering up this song? No. He loves it. And I have a feeling many men do, and it isn't just the men in trench coats lurking in the bushes outside Katy and Russell Brand's home. Of course, he quickly brings up how he has a thought bubble with her kissing a girl and now another where she is asking to see his goods. She is conducting a thorough exploration into her sexuality while fulfilling all of a man's fantasies.

For me it is fun. I am not looking to objectify men. I have learned passion, intimacy, communication and trust are essential parts to a fun sex life. No one should be embarrassed, exposed, coerced or victimized. If the key ingredients are in place, then for me you have to add a slice of fun and silliness. My hubby and I have numerous private naughty jokes relating to the song. It is fun to laugh about sex and the human body. Intimacy is beautiful, and necessary to relationships. I treasure those moments. But we are human, and amazing can't happen every time. Sometimes sex if funny with fumbling, awkward human moments, inside jokes and giggling. So, I find laughter just as necessary.

It is naughty. It is fun. And I get to smile while I vacuum thinking about the funny naughty text I will send him when I am done.


Rachel Joy said...

And people say your sex life goes downhill once marriage...way to go against statistics and continue to keep things interesting!

JON ERIC said...

i'm your new follower.. hope you follow us as well. i love to sing too.