Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Buildup

Can it already be the 4th of July?! April seems like only yesterday, when I was freaking out about the copious amounts of time I would have to entertain my sons. Thankfully, the summer is going well. The boys and I are finding a rhythm and balance. As a bonus we are having fun together! I miss writing, and cooking. The change from school to summer makes dinner time hurried and random. The insights still come, however the time to write gets lost to spending time together and I don't want to change that just yet.

Today, while making lunch I got to thinking of what writing does for me. My thoughts are like a game of Tetris. Writing clears the building thoughts, leaving me open and attentive. When I don't get to write it just stacks up until I shut down. So, I need to clear a row and get back to this beautiful holiday! Enjoy your 4th!

Every 4th of July takes me back to the many shows I watched at Joliet Memorial Stadium, and the finale always ended with Lee Greenwood. I haven't seen the show in years but I suspect it is still ending with this patriotic gem.

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Rachel Joy said...

I like this song...hope you had a great 4th of July!