Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting Funky with Dishes

Trapped in the kitchen on Easter afternoon, dishes piled from the Bunny Brunch, I am struggling to find a rhythm to the work before me. It should be simple, just wash the dishes and straighten up the kitchen. Thirty minutes tops. But I don't want to do it! Usually this is where music drowns out and distracts me from my whining, however today Pandora isn't serving up anything. The radio bores me. My ipod has so much music I don't know where to begin and shuffle is frustrating me.

All of it is offering music I love. As I forward past Arcade Fire, Paul Simon and Spoon, I realize my usual mix isn't cutting it because I need a beat. My brain doesn't want to process anything heavy, it just wants to thump along to a great dance beat and ditch any deep thoughts.

Meanwhile, in the next room, I hear my 6 year old son singing Ke$ha's Tik Tock with his lego men. I guess it is genetic. I get enough Ke$ha thanks to Diary of the Wimpy Kid, and I am going to need something with more kick.

Enter Lady Gaga...


Our Banana Moments said...

Reminds me of "whistle while we work." New fan from Bloggy Moms!


Dawn Malone said...

Guess the dwarfs were on to something :)

Thanks for checking it out. said...

I am not musically inclined what so ever. Tone death is more like it.

New follower. I think your forks and spoons are cute.

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Plus Size Mommy Memoirs said...

Love it! Lady Gaga gets me moving/cleaning too! Thanks for following me from Bloggy moms and I'm excited to follow you as well!